Monday, March 1, 2010

Abena wins the first series of The INTERN!

In a hotly contested final elimination, Abena overcame her opposing contestant Ryan to take out the title of The INTERN and the $1,000 valued winner prize! She created history by being the first winner of the INTERN!

In the final elimination challenge Ryan took an early lead, but with a few twists and turns, Abena clawed her way back to an eventual draw. For the tie breaker, the contestants were asked to present their case to the jury and their fate was in the juror’s hands. Abena prevailed!
Congratulation to all our contestants, who all played for free and took home value beyond the material value of their respective reward challenge prizes.
Abena is now taking another step forward in the KSI Coach Education program! Congratulations Abena!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ryan wins first reward challenge and wins Ian King's latest ebook!

The first reward challenge saw Ryan out perform the rest on the back of a presentation where his mastery of communication was dominant. Well done Ryan! As a result Ryan won a complimentary copy of Ian King's latest ebook - The Bible Code to Program Design.

This book has yet to be released and Ryan is the first recipient of this new ebook! Congratulations Ryan!

Final Day - 1st Elimination - Carl gone!

The fourth and final day started with an elimination. Carl failed to organize his schedule in the lead up to the call and as such was eliminated. It all comes down to acting in advance, being organized and getting on the front foot. Should be a great lesson for Carl as up to now he was truly in the race to win!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Reward Challenge on Day 3 goes into 3 tie breakers!

The reward challenge on Day 3 blew everyone’s expectations when three (that's right, 3!) tie-breaking challenges were needed to separate the leading two, Carl and Abena!

After going neck-and-neck for about forty minutes, the final tie breaker - an activity in which they were required to determine from two options which was original Ian King works - saw Carl take out the reward - a copy of the Barbells and Bullshit Audio Series valued at $197 USD!

For putting up a massive fight, Abena was also rewarded with some sampler CD and DVD discs from the same series!

As a result of the extra over-time required to determine the winner of this challenge, the next elimination was postponed until Day 4!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The intangible rewards

Not only do the players all recieve various physical rewards, they also recieve massive intangible rewards. There are many, and here is a few - they are receiving education they would not recieve anywhere else; they are recieving in person interaction in a KSI environment, the worlds leading coach education environment - but perhaps greatest benefit of all - they have the top KSI coaches on the call with them, givin them lessons, feedback, guidance - when they (the student) are ready. Massive intangible benefits. And simply because they chose to play....

Financial development reward challenge winner!

The final challenge for Day 2 of The INTERN Game was a financial IQ challenge. Using Ian's 'Paycheck to Passive' book and the other financial development book they had been given as the background, the participants faced a series of questions aimed at determining their study application during the week as well as their financial IQ overall.

This time there was a clear winner, with Abena taking out this reward. Perhaps no surprise given her background in the financial industry. However along the way all participants learnt a lot about their relationship with money, so value was received irrespective of who won the prize.

As her reward, Abena earned a complimentary copy of Mark Victor Hansen's and Robert Allen's book 'One Minute Millionaire'.

Ah, the benefits of playing!

Ryan wins professional development reward challenge!

The first formal reward challenge for Day 2 was a professional development challenge. At the end of the challenge there was a two-way tie. We went into a tie breaker, using a very unique method.

The top two were given five scenarios where they had to identify Ian's original published work from 'similar' works. At the end of this they were still tied! No surprise really considering the 'similarity' of the text they had to choose from, irrespective that two different people claimed copyright.

So another tie breaker was needed! This time a similar concept was used but instead of text, a sample program was used. The top two again had to determine which was published by Ian originally and which one was published under another copyright.

Finally, we had a winner - and Ryan took out the prize! Which was a KSI Periodization ebook! The second place person also received a reward in recognition of their competitiveness!

Congratulations Ryan!